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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The Growth Begins

AJ Hard is back in the BLOG! But not for Shiver and Fears. Although, it is obvious people want Shiver and Fears back. So they might reboot next year.
Now back to the real reason for this blog. The new series, Magical Times, is making a big appearance this year. Not only is the hard-back cover version published, but we're also making a video based off the book.

You don't have to be a pro to be in the video. And we have a lot of open parts:
  • The Dad: A hard working man as a teacher, tutor, coach, and children program volunteer
  • The Mom: A nurse at a nursing home.
  • A.J. Hardwick: C.J.'s twin brother A teenage with a "cool factor" has the power to cast his own spells
  • C.J. Hardwick: A.J.'s twin brother with the "smart factors" has the power the see the future
  • Brittnie Hardwick: twin's little sister. Shy, but independent has the power to lift things with her mind
  • Steve (voice): The talking pet dog, trainer for twins
  • Aunt: a "negative nancy", pushy and demanding, lazy/ self observes with likes, and thoughts
  • Uncle: a free thinker, rap lover, agreeable listener, interested in cars
  • Skylar: Male cousin, video game lover, sports fan kind and conversational
  • Carson: Female cousin, selfish careless, dancer, and tv hog
  • Great Grandma/ Great Aunt:  twin angles of heaven, kind hearted, stern but fair.
  • Grand Pap: Lazy, always complaining, loud chatter, insults as joke
  • Granny: Christian by heart, loves family, involves herself in everything, not a magic fan
  • Ian Alexander: Jerk next door, enemy of the twins, not very smart
yep, that's a lot of open positions. Now this video is about a African American family all living in the same giant house owned by the dad. His kids all have magic powers which were given to them by their great grandma and her twin sister for being the next generation of twins in the family. A.J. must learn how to create spells that work perfectly for certain situation and C.J. learning how to control his visions.
You want a part? Give me an email.

Saturday, December 9, 2017

Books have been discontinued

I always enjoyed writing Shiver and Fears books, but I have come to the conclusion that although many kids like to hear from Shiver and Fears and read the books, many parents are frowning upon these books.😦
I been writing for 4 years now, and I've seen Shiver and Fears books make great progress, but within those 4 years I've heard from adults; they don't like scary things, scary books are not holy, and they don't want to read kid books.
Now I was fine with that, because Shiver and Fears are for the kids anyway. But there was a post on facebook today that I read that had shown me that all adults are against me. The post was like making a successful business and someone telling everyone it's negative charm, which even though you have fans it can get them thinking 'you know what, they do have a point' and get them against you too.
After reading it, it made me think the only way to get to my target of readers (kids) is through parents. And if parents are constantly saying 'I don't want my kid reading scary books' and parents saying 'this isn't very christian' (because those are the kind I run in to) then there is really no point in writing a series of book that makes them say that.
So what does that mean for Shiver and Fears; no give-a-ways? no parties? will the website be deleted? *sigh* no, I've come way to far to throw it all away. For right now, it means 1 stop writing. I'm dropping the keyboard on Shiver and Fears and trying Magical Times.2. Shiver and Fears posts will end. So for those people on facebook who love to get the spotlight in Get Monsterfied or announcement for winners will end. 3 no more contests. so no more prizes, no more chances for your name/ picture to be posted. and 4 no more blog. This will be the last blog for not only this year (joke intended) but for the shut down for Shiver and Fears.
So here is what it leaves: the Bookaversary Party and audio books. So if you want an invitation understand, you don't need one. The party is always hosted at Harrison Park in Okc, ok in the Village on the Saturday before July 20 and audio books will always be given away in December as long as you email shiverandfears@gmail your choice and until we run out of codes to use for the give-a-way)
it may be depressing, but we'll see what the audience has to say about Magical ime and maybe, just maybe, Shiver and Fears will come back.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Annual Creepy Christmas

It's that time of year again. Shiver and Fears still have over 30 more audio books to send to you. This is no scam, there's no payment and you don't have to give your address. Just email shiver and Fears (shiverandfears@gmail.com) 1 out of the 9 audio books available and we'll send back your Christmas wish.
Last year we sold about 100 audio books, this year we want to sell at least 20. Want to read The Chill House? What about A Skeleton Dinner? or even better A Creepy Christmas! Didn't you know? We are even selling our Christmas story on the month of Christmas! Ok, so it's not that exciting, but we have a whole lot of Shiver and Fears books to choose from.
Don't know what to choose from? Click here and scroll through our choices.
Hey! In fact, is there a Shiver and Fears book you want to be added as an audio book send in your request, as for now enjoy your audio book:
 And have yourself a very scary creepsmas!!!

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Shiver and Fears giving Thanks

Today Shiver and Fears spent Thanksgiving with the Dillon family. Now after working in tennis with their kids and chatting with the mom a lot I was glad to be invited to a new friend, Amy's family. Now I've been with many families before including the Graves, Agnellos, Fishers, Joyces, Haywards, Clements, and plenty more. So how was this different from any other family I spent with? Well not only was I spending a holiday with them, but I was also meeting the wider range.
So I will admit I was nervous at first (I'm sure everyone would like me) it's not everyday you join a friend you've met within a year's family for a national holiday. If it is, it was new to me. I enjoyed them. Amy's parents are funny and kind and their house was huge. It was a two story lake house with a jacuzi and a whole table of food.
Now befoe I go on about the boys let me just mention there were 4 tables. Now I've seen a bunch of thanksgiving episodes on tv and everyone has a dinner table and a kiddie table(cause there's always that one person who wants to avoid the kiddie table) but I always thought it was a sterio type... This family actually had a kiddie table!
I also want to mention there was a lot more going on at there Thanksgiving then even at my house.
Now back to the boys. Gray, John Paul, and Parker are brother who are ready to get in the action. After eating dinner, a game of tag and time on the phones and tablets. Parker made a choice to jump in the lake... TWICE!
Now with it being hclose to winter, you can understand how cold lake water can get, especially after getting out of a hot tub. WOW!
Anyway this author enjoyed his Thanksgiving this year and hope to do it again. Hopfully you're not jumping in a lake, but your having fun as well!
Happy Thanksgiving!🦃

Friday, October 20, 2017

Shiver and Fears in Action

Shiver and Fears has been working on a lot since the last blog written. A lot of the work was put into Bus Driver of Doom. Well now it's finished, but still in three publishing process. Not to forget we also need a cover.
Meanwhile, here's what else is going on. We are monsterfying people and posting them on Facebook and Twitter. I usually wonder where else can we spook a few more viewers. Any ideas?
Well as we finish our last book of the year, we wonder what book to work on next??? We'll be posting a poll very soon so you can vote what book you want published next.  So be on the look out... Oh and send in those photos to get monsterfied!😀😈

Friday, September 8, 2017

New Story Idea

Just thought of a new story, inspired by my annoying niece. I'm sure there are a few of you who have to deal with the free card child. You know, the child who gets away with things. What gives them the free card? Well meet Pendy - I know, it's not a real name, I'll work on it.
Pendy is a nine year old girl which at the age of 9 all the powers of a free card disappear. Not for Pendy. Her cousin watches in horror as she gets away with things, even if it's something you'd normally get in trouble for. Her cousin needs to solve why Pendy isn't getting trouble. After writing Bus Driver of Doom I plan on rough drafting the book: Brat Attack at Wick Ave. Check out the rough draft coming soon. If you have any question post them on the blog.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

What to do with these extra books

Shiver and Fears had an anniversary party a week and a few days ago. It went pretty well, if you watch the video you can see what's going on. Meanwhile the book signing went pretty well, but out of 22 books there are still some books left over. Those books are for sale for $10, but by September 13th they will be given to elementary schools and book stores. Meanwhile the money raised from the books is being used to help promote Shiver and Fears. So far some has been used on facebook, and youtube but the rest is being used for Shiver and Fears contest coming this December.
It's the best we can do with such a small amount of money. Wish there was enough for something like a buildboard ad or a commercial, but only a dreamer can dream big. Right now Shiver and Fears is working on another book. Bus Driver of Doom. If you haven't heard it's a story about a bus driver. More details once things get organized.
Now back to the extra books. You can email me your address and I'll send a book to your house. There's plenty for you to buy and even have it autograph. In fact two was sold not too long ago. I guess I should tell you which book is being sold.:
The Chill House is about a kid and his brother who go on vacation to a popular vacation spot, but things start getting weird because the boy's family disappear and (not giving much away) the kid even disappears... Now you might think I'm giving the story away, well I'm not because in order to understand what I'm talking about you need to read this book... Or listen to the autobook (sold online only) You may think you have enough time to buy this book, and you do Jjust remember, September 13 (My birthday) the books are given to schools, stores, and even neighborhood kids... (details on that later) Now, I have to ask you... Do you want one?