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Something I notice from my so called fans. They see it and like it, but do they really click it? The answer is no!! Don't think I don...

Monday, July 27, 2015

Shiver and Fears: The Unlucky Charm

Shiver and Fears had a friend work on a trailer for a the first publish Shiver and Fears book. It's pretty scary like. Sure if it was real 1000 of people would watch it. Would you be one of them? I dare you to check it out. Wouldn't blame the fear in your eyes. Our actor Will Warner sure does.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Meet Shiver and Fears

It's time you were introduced to a new book series. Meet Shiver and Fears. I've done a lot of work with this series. It's not just a book, but a movie. It's not just a story, but a story involving actual people. It's not just something to read, but something to get involved with. Every now and then someone ask where to find a Shiver and Fears story, but realize. It's not hard. It's as popular as any book you read. All books have the same cover A polaroid picture of: a girl writing in her journal with a stranger behind her, a boy in bed with a monster underneath, a girl in the forest attacked by an arrow, or even a boy being held in the arms by ghosts. You can't say you can't find AJ Hard's book, because what book store doesn't sell them? Everyone's taken the challenge and none were able to answer. Now that you know where to buy a book when are you going to buy one? Or even better, listen to one?