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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Buisness is Multiplying

     So I chatted with the libraries for 3 years and finally got my dream to come true! Well first let me explain my dream.
     Well my main dream was to become famous, when Shiver and Fears first started that dream was made to come true. But even with books selling online it wasn't enough to really call famous.
     As you know Shiver and Fears went from books, to kindles, to products, to audio books, but I knew making something isn't what makes you famous, it's how many people look at what you made and how it attracts them.
      Well being online doesn't get that much attention, but you know what does? Book stores, libraries, and schools. Well I'm happy to announce Shiver and Fears has made it into schools, entered in book stores, and now after four years are now heading into libraries! Don't believe me, ask a metropolitan library for Shiver and Fears books. You'll be surprised.
     Now it's time to spread the word. While I go to everyone I know and love you do the same. Go to the school librarian and ask for Shiver and Fears books, meanwhile I'll be asking if any more schools would like a donation from Shiver and Fears

Monday, August 22, 2016

Donation to Schools

Shiver and Fears book are making their way into elementary schools. Our first stop was Britton Elementary. They were glad to know an author, myself, was donating books to the school. Not only that, I was sure to autograph them as well. 
Where did these books come from? Well great question, The Bookaversary party was left with 10 books leftover. I was planning to sell them, but giving them away was a way better plan. I mean we did give one to a book store, and the YMCA. So after that donation, I planned another.
 Ridgeview Elementary was my school years ago, and if one elementary school accepted new books then I'm sure another would accept it too. Well my luck was true, not only were they accepting Shiver and Fears books, they were accepting my presents to introduce Shiver and Fears to the kids!
That gave me a brilliant idea: Let's donate Shiver and Fears to elementary schools! Maybe even make appearances at the schools. Right now it's just an idea, but if things go right Shiver and Fears can finally be where they're suppose to be... in the hands of children!