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Something I notice from my so called fans. They see it and like it, but do they really click it? The answer is no!! Don't think I don...

Saturday, September 24, 2016

...At Your Local Library

Since the beginning of time Shiver and Fears were the book series that struggled to gain attention. They were the books only found online and cost way too much. We figured multiple ideas to get them selling and all though a few were marketing, these books were still in the shadow. 
That's right Shiver and Fears aren't just online anymore they are in the library as well. This site
> here < will send you straight to the site to check the books out wherever you are
For four years now Shiver and Fears has tried to make it easy to find Shiver and Fears but this can't get any easier! Soon Shiver and Fears will have 4 of our books in shelf. But if you want more ask you local library if they can add some more of your favorite stories!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Fan of the Week

This past month we've been titling our fans of the week. How do you become fan of the week? Well we nee to know that you're a fan, so show it to us. This is one of our fans, she proved it to us by giving the idea to raise money for the book signing, helped us find an illustrator, and always checking out our page on facebook.
So I know what your thinking, 'I like the blog, does that count?' Sorry to say, but no.

We want to see more from you all. You might not have a facebook, but i'm sure you have friends and family who do. Show us your a fan of Shiver and Fears with likes, photos, and #shiverandfears comment. Even sending an email could get you qualified.
Now before you start getting upset, I want you to know it's not all about facebook. Leaving us a review on one of the book sites, photos of you checking out a Shiver and Fears book, or even spreading the word about our books can get you to be fan of the week, but we have to see it and have to know about it.
Seems like a lot of work, I know. But we already have 5 fans. If you want to be one, you have to show us you're one yourself.