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Friday, April 14, 2017

Up To 30%

Are you helping Shiver and Fears? AJ Hard is raising money here and only need $320 to finish the task. So far with the 30% we have bought 3 shirts, 7 books, water balloons. With that can't really get much of a party going. still need 17 books, a load of chicken wings, a case of water, a bounce house... well you know what? We are actually thinking of getting a dunk tank! We are going to see what we can do. But anyway, we are so close of getting our limit, so don't just quit helping.
I've told everyone that helping includes Donating, sharing, or just being a guest at the party. It doesn't matter if it's $1 or $100 what matters is that you've help suppose for a good cause and this is a good cause.
The Bookaversary party is celebrating the date that Shiver and Fears books were published. The books were published on the 20th, but the book signing party is hosted the Saturday before that day. You'll really enjoy it, I mean original parties mostly serve pizza or hotdogs. Our party hosts with chicken wings... at least this year.