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Saturday, March 26, 2016

Invites, get your invites here!

Now you might be saying, "Isn't it too early to send an invite to a summer party?" And you might be right! That's why we didn't send in invitations we sent PRE-invitation. Yes, the first thing we want to do is inform all our fans that Shiver and Fears is having a party, once they know about it they can get the full 411. Or you know, read this blog!
So one thing most people don't know is about the book signing. We're costing signed books $7, however it's free if you bring your own Shiver and Fears book to sign. Another thing is the party will start at 12:30 pm and we will host a contest where 3 winners will own a custom made Shiver and Fears shirt.
Will there be food and drinks? OF COURSE! And this year we're even adding a cake. This cake is special because we plan on make a replica of Shiver and Fears first book The Unlucky Charm. And no need to worry we will have tons of water balloons and even ice water for those water squirters!
We have a bunch more ideas for this party that we haven't settled yet, but don't worry, we'll keep you updated.

Thursday, March 3, 2016



Shiver and Fears shoes

Shop at Shiver and Fears store. Check out our new product that may be expensive, but hey we have coupons! You know I see a lot of you buy the most useless things at a high price. Why not a pair of shoes. What's $100? The best part is they have no gender to it. They are for both girls and boys, and with zippers, call me old fashion, but zippers are cool!