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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Only 5 codes

Google is only giving away 5 codes for Shiver and Fears audio book. And at 8 in the morning? Oh gosh, you're in for a challenge. Not only are you up against people on google, but also, twitter, and facebook as well.
Why are you getting just 5 codes? Shiver and Fears wants your likes.  Shiver and Fears is everywhere sure, but it's popular site is Facebook.
I'm giving you a chance to have a free audio book, because if you aren't into facebook or twitter then you still need a chance to be involved in our contests, but Google doesn't spread the same way facebook does, although Shiver and Fears can pull in people on google which you can't really do on Facebook, unless you're in a group, but even then it's just friends.
Back to the contest, Do you listen to your books? Shiver and Fears has 4 published audio book and with this these codes you can get one free.
There's only 5 codes, because sure I want you involved, but it's really for facebook fans. But don't get me wrong, I not saying you have to have  a facebook in order to play along, But it's our main source .
Do I want you to play? Yeah. Do I want you to win? Yeah. Why only 5 codes?
Just be on the look out for these free code, I'm done here!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Double the sweepstakes

Shiver and Fears is having a double sweepstakes! You might be thinking, "Double sweepstakes, what does that mean?" Well let me tell you, You could be the winner of two prizes.
   Both of our sweepstakes are about the new year. Our first sweepstakes includes in our new book. After The Chill House we will have another character contest. You could be the main character in our next book. Check it out at Shiver and Fears facebook page new year's day.
   Our next contest is a contest for everyone to win. Starting Jan 2nd Shiver and Fears will be posting a code, with that code you can type it in at audible.com and win a free Shiver and Fears audio book, but you better be quick, you never know who else is wanting a free audio book as well.
    We'll send 20 different codes, 1 each day.  Starting today Shiver and Fears has 4 book choices. We finished Sibling Subtraction this December. Our narrator, Katy Johnson, loved the thought of the story of three friends coming to realize siblings aren't so bad... but not so easy as well!
   Hey, if you play your cards right you could be the winner of both! Now how fun would that be?

   Now you might be saying, "I don't have a facebook account," no worries, Twitter is hosting the contest as well, and if that doesn't help.... you know what, we'll host the contest on google as well! Be here on time this January and be ready to type in the code for your free audio book, as for the other contest... Well, we'll see!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Chill House During Chill Season

    I've been wanting to write The Chill House for a while. But, like the other Shiver and Fears stories, I always found something better. The truth is the stories aren't written by 1st idea to last, they're in order from better to best. My very very first story wasn't The Unlucky Charm. It was The Haunted Cell Phone. After writing them both, The Unlucky Charm seemed more frightful. I mean being followed by an abnormal rabbit, because you have what belongs to them.
    I mean what if you had a mummy's eyes, or a skeleton's hand, or a pirate's peg leg? How creepy would it be if (even though they're suppose to be dead) they came after you just to get it back?
   Now think about The Haunted Cell Phone: Some strange phone appears from a rain storm and give awkward phone calls from no where. Hmmm,,,, being stalked by a rabbit or having a phone with cursed calls... Which scares you more?
   If you said stalking rabbit, I thought so too. If you said cursed phone, you get scared too easy. But, it's still good. That just means Shiver and Fears is scary enough to give you shiver and fears. I mean that's why it's called that.
    Now back to The Chill House, It's to be the last story written in 2015. Afterwards we're planning on working on something new. Check out our next blog to find out what we have in store.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Show your artwork

Did you know Shiver and Fears wants your artwork? Well it's true! Send us your creepiest art work, it doesn't have to be pro, just presentable to the kids.
 this one came from a boy named Ashton. We placed it on our website with a few others >here. All we need is your picture (perfect or not perfect), your name, and the name of your artwork. and it'll be posted
We want it to be either scary or  include "Shiver and Fears" in a special way
 Like Danny's artwork here. Not really scary, but show the dark side of Shiver and Fears. now something like this:
 don't count.... not unless you took the picture yourself:
 here's a great example!
So show us what you've got. Like I said, doesn't have to be perfect, pro, just scary and presentable for kids.
You can send it by google+ or email it to Shiverandfears@gmail.com, it's your choice!

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

It's New but Also Old

A few months back Shiver and Fears book A Witch's Coincidence was written, but couldn't be published. The team illustrator was still working on the cover, and you can't have a book without a cover. We did the next best thing and sent it to a website where people write stories and share them with other writers. It was to stay there until the cover was complete.
It shows a character looking in the town newspaper where they talk about the town curse of having a witch walking amongst them. And in a way it looks like the girl cooking dinner as the brews her stew...  hmmm, could it be? or is it just... a coincidence. I sure won't tell.
 So where do you buy this book? Right here< It can be found in a few other places too... ... ... well I don't know where! But it is! You just have to look. There are like 1000s of book websites, I'm sure you can find it on one.
More big news Shiver and Fears is getting another narrated audio book set. Sibling Subtraction is about a group of friends who trap their annoying little siblings in a trick, but really the jokes on them. I bet you want to know more huh? Well codes will be handed out this December... if you can survive that long!
 Our physic friend here predicts a Creepy Christmas to bring a cold chill to who ever buys one! Don't believe me? Dare you to buy one then, and if you end on the news stated to be frozen we'll know where that came from!...

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Writer's Vision

Shiver and Fears might not come together like you may think. Some book were printed before others, some had a change in idea, others were never printed. For example The Haunted Party was going to  be called The Never Ending Party. Kevin was to be a guest at a party but was never able to leave, Kevin was trying to leave the party but each door was just another door back into the party, to then finally realize he's in a deep trance and was never at a party. I changed it, because the story was never fully plotted in story. It then became The Haunted Party and was going to be about a boy summoning ghost with his weird necklace... I completely forgot to mention it. That's why it's one of the Creepy Christmas Tales.

A story never written was The Bus Driver of Doom. a story about a bus driver who get replaced by a ghost. Why? You might ask. Can't tell you, I might print it, and don't want to ruin it for you!

In the Skeleton Dinner Rashonda's name was going to be Danni. We're still debating on whether Secret Saturday should get a sequel and The Beast Within the Bed was planning to be It Happened Under the Bed. You might be able to understand why that changed.

But that's why we plan it before we write. Whether it be the name, the title, the picture, or the whole story plot itself an author must see his story before writing it.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Challenge Accepted

The Pathway of Waterdale: Curiosity Kills the Cat... by Aj Hard< We found Shiver and Fears on uncommon website. We're going around seeing what other website can fans find Shiver and Fears. Now we know the obvious, facebook, twitter, linkedin, of course blogger/google, let's not forget amazon, audible, booksamillion, and barneandnoble. But we're on more than just these websites and we want you (the viewer, to find Shiver and Fears somewhere else. Don't think of it as impossible.  Because I can find Shiver and Fears in many places. But you don't know a lot of those places. Most websites you probably never even heard of or even thought Shiver and Fears would be. Did you even know Shiver and  Fears are on kindle? or even found one 3 websites for audio? Bet you can't name them. I dare you to take the challenge. I bet you'll be surprised!

Monday, November 9, 2015

Listen to a free book

  Shiver and Fears have just received a message stating that A Creepy Christmas is now for sale at Audible.com. If you want a free audio book from Shiver and Fears just message or hashtag the title A Creepy Christmas and you'll be sent a code.
  This code can be used at Audible.com and after typing it in you'll get a credit, this credit pays for Shiver and Fears: A Creepy Christmas. You can enjoy a great story and don't even have to read it! but realize there's only 25 codes, so I suggest don't hesitate.
 By the way, Douglas isn't reading it, but our narrator is still good.Charles D. Baker has done a few good stories. But Doug is still our guy.
  After Listening to all five stories you can write a review on what you think and maybe even pass it to a friend. There's no need to keep it for yourself.
  If you want to listen a piece of the story go to the Website <here. Or just go to ITunes or something.
  Anyway, enjoy your holiday. This offer stands on all the websites: facebook, linkedin, google. Remember "Creepy Christmas" is the code for a code.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Well, What Do You Think?

Here is where you can find Shiver and Fears arts and other things I work on.
You know being the author of Shiver and Fears is fun. Especially when you know over 100 viewer are interested. But the hard thing about working you way into fame is not only getting on tv, or out in public, it's knowing what your fans think of you.
  So tell me; What do you think? I know you like the pictures, the posts, the games, the comments, the news, ect. But what do you really think? Is there something you want to know more about Shiver and Fears? Is there something that you'd want to know?
  As an author I want to connect with my fans, but it's not something I can do without comments. I mean, why do you even like Shiver and Fears? Can't be the books, because I know you haven't read one. Maybe it's just our creepy appearance, or we're just something you catch, read, and move on with during the day.
  Whatever the reason is from being drag into it to  curiosity, I'm glad your interested, maybe someday you will buy Don't Mock A Witch and write a letter with your new Shiver and Fears pen. Maybe one day you'll check out the website monthly and see the news of the month and play one of our creepy games.
For now it's nice to know you even read these blogs. And I'll be there whenever you're ready to write that comment!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Do I Really Scare you?

I talked to a few readers and most of them said they don't read scary stories, that made me think about the 105 fans on facebooks and even you the bloggers. Do we really scare you or are you thinking because we're a horror book we're able to slip into your mind and make you scream?
You know there's that phrase that states you can't judge a book by it's cover. That phrase doesn't just go for books you think are boring, but also books you think are scary. I thought when filming our first Shiver and Fears video it was going to fearful:but one guy saw it and told us "What's scary about it?" Don't Play With Dolls is about a boy who gets teased for playing with dolls, so he tried getting rid of this one doll, but she keeps coming back. The thing is, this doll doesn't DO anything. She doesn't hurt anyone, she doesn't come to life, gosh, she's not even alive!
In the end you'll understand what's really going on... at least that's what I thought. Watch it to the end and comment if you do or not. You're the judge here.
Truth be told, I think the bloopers are better click here (WARNING IT'S 30 MINUTE LONG. 47 people think it's worth it though.
Will Warner made sure there were a few laughs.
I'm a little off track here. Just believe me when I tell you Shiver and Fears is scary, but not terrifying!

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

What makes Fears fearful? part 2

  here's another fearful thought: You are now Salena and all you want is that cute boy to notice you. You're pretty, you're smart, but you're not the center of attention like the other girls. Not I know you're not scared yet, but what if while walking though a forest after shopping for valentine cards you almost get stroked by an arrow? "Ok, that's a little scary, but who was striking arrows?" 
 You find bow and arrow from a distance and take them home. And then, by mistake you strike your parents! Luckily they don't die, but fall in love! You realize these are cupid's arrows!
  Still not scared, huh? Ok, ok so you try using the using the arrows on the boy you like and then everything is great right? WRONG! Cupid's arrows suddenly go missing and cupid demands those arrows back. How do you get something back if you don't know where they are?
Want to know where they are? In the hands of the most popular girl in school! Using all the arrows to be loved by everyone... Scared now?
  What if I told you she's having the whole school hunt you down to be in her hands. You're trapped at school, about 1000 kids are looking for you. You're defenseless, you're to be a love zombie for the rest of your life. Are you scared?

I've watched a few horror films, they all have one thing in common: KILL, KILL, KILL!
 It's seems one major way of scaring people in movies is to kill them all. You don't think that's true, do you? I mean how would you feel if you were home alone and lights began to flicker and you heard noise in the house, you walk to the front door and a giant hand reaching for you! Or what if a friend started peeling off his skin and became a life skeleton?
  If you read a Shiver and Fears book, you may or may not get scared. But it's not just you who needs to get scared it's the kids as well. And being in a non-safe position is scary enough.

What makes Fears fearful? part 1

  In Shiver and Fears what makes "Fears" so fearful? Well, in The Unlucky Charm our main character, Trevor Silver is dealing with bad luck.
  His fear starts when finding a rabbit. Now you ask "What's scary about a rabbit?" Tell me this, what if you were at home alone and you turned to your bedroom door and a rabbit, not just an ordinary rabbit, but a blue rabbit was hopping pass your room.
  Now you would wonder where it came from, or even did you even see it correctly. So you rush out your room (because you don't want to miss it), follow it down the hall (or wherever you saw it going) and catch it in the living room.
  Now you notice something weird about this rabbit: 1 he only has three paws, 2. he's the same color as your rabbit's foot necklace, and 3 (the most obvious) HE'S IN YOUR HOUSE! How are you feeling? What if I told you he has sharp teeth and tells you "Give me back my foot." ? are you scared?
  You might be saying, "Just give it back," but do remember Trevor Silver A.K.A "you" suffer from bad luck, and this charm is helping you avoid it. Do you still give it back? Well it leaves you with a choice 1 give it and go back to bad luck, or keep it and fear the rabbit's eyes stalking you.
  Now you're probably sitting like "What is a rabbit going to do to me?" That's something the rabbit is planning, but you can imagine whatever it is (as a teenager) what he could do... Now I ask, are you scared?

Saturday, October 24, 2015

Take a quiz

Are you really a Shiver and Fears fan? I bet you're saying "No, no I'm not, should I be?"  I guess not, but don't you think you should get a little involved?
 "I'm not buying books, I don't have the money," Shiver and Fears doesn't just do books, we have games, posts, quiz,
 "Where are they?" Google plus, facebook, have you even tried our website. All you have to do is type S-H-I-V-E-R A-N-D F-E-A-R-S. Right now as you read this blog your missing out on everything Shiver and Fears is posting for you to check out. Don't say you don't have time to check it out.
 Just search Shiver and Fears and take a vote, comment on posts, read a sneak peek or just click those blue letters and get more into Shiver and Fears books.
 Then you'll be a Shiver and Fears fan. Maybe at some point you will buy a book for you 10 year old nephew. But for now enjoy knowing Shiver and Fears company!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Working on it

  So here's the update for Shiver and Fears: Facebook fans had risen to 104 likes as we celebrate the October birthdays. Some have asked us what's so special about the birthday song to only play it in October? The answer is that they're in October, the month of Halloween, the perfect holiday to theme Shiver and Fears books.
   Instead of a Happy Birthday, they should have a horror birthday (Not to confuse it with Horrible birthday. We're not monsters, just scary artists) Meanwhile as we wrap up the October month we work on another project.
  We are selling shirt, just to see how it goes. No special reason, just want to get something of ours to sell. It'll only be for the fall season, and it's not world wide. Just for friends and family.
  Now if you are interested in Shiver and Fears stuff you know we have a store > at zazzle. But if your interested in free stuff we do have that give-a-way, It'll last until December, that will be the time when we start ordering the gifts and sending them to the fans.
  Hope our work makes a dent in our actions, you know it's not always easy making your work a success!

Friday, October 9, 2015

Be involved with Shiver and Fears

Shiver and Fears Giveaway< here is where you go to order your free Shiver and Fears gift. This isn't the first time we've done this. Last year we gave our fans Shiver and Fears books, one even got a notebook. All they had to do was send their wish by email.
 Just send us an email with your gift choice and address and we'll send it to you by December. We met with three girls last year who were excited they entered in the give a way. Want to be next? Go to CHAT WITH ME or click the blue letter and let us know what you want this Christmas creepsmas.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Writer's Jobs

The writer's job is to do one thing... WRITE! But I have to write, promote, draw, post, edit, update, work on products, websites, and pages... Are there any writers who actually do all this stuff? I wish I had a team. Just a few days ago I let go of who I thought were my team mates for Shiver and Fears books, but none of them could keep up with their duties. I had an editor, a product labeler, a fan club president, a video producer, even an illustrator. But here's the struggle: If I can't get a hold of the product labeler on phone, on facebook, on email and tell him "I want a Shiver and Fears pen made" how is he ever going to get it done? and if he can't get it done then how can I expect him to make anything else? So who's stuck with the job? The head of Shiver and Fears, the one who's trying to sell the books... in this case, it would be me, The Writer. Because I'm the editor, the producer, The head worker, the one who posts EVERYTHING, the idea man, the one who runs into 100 familiar people and say "I write books, you should check it out.", the idea man, the agent, the video producer, the artist, the contest host, the photographer... That's a lot of jobs for a writer, which is another job I do, and it doesn't seem like I good at any of them. Because the writer is suppose to do one...WRITE!

Working Solo

Shiver and fears had to fire the staff.... Ok, ok so technically there is no staff. No one was getting paid, but it was a team effort that no one was focused on. The graphics designer, Ashton, was fantastic at his work, but there's not much to do for Shiver and Fears in graphics. We had a Shiver and Fears fan club, but Skyler wanted to focus more on her singing carreer. Lastly our product designer was working in the store, so I thought, but even  Micha didn't have the time to help. AJ Hard is working alone now. I have from the start. However, writing is harder than I thought it was. See what I have to say in Writer's Jobs. As for now Shiver and Fears has over 100 mistakes and no one to help solve... for free. Money is the code-word and it's something that I'm unable to give to a few teammates. I guess you can call the Shiver and Fears team a volunteer job! But in this world, everything cost money.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Read it or Hear it

When Shiver and Fears started it was all written in books, later we've decided to upgrade to kindle, after kindle we wanted to video and trailer all our books (which is still a working process) But Shiver and Fears have now upgraded into listening to our books. We've only got one book for sale, but in 2016 think about all the book we'll have in audio.http://amzn.com/B014181ITI  Not only are we at amazon, Shiver and Fears is sold on audible and iTunes too. My partner Douglas Taylor is an amazing reader as he catches the fear and excitement of the characters. Our next audio story is The Haunted Party. it's still a working process...

Friday, August 7, 2015

A whole new writing style

So apparently writer have to write the same. have to have paragraphs, must be on the left not center. I mean I can understand too many commas, or too much use of a word, or even punctuation is wrong, but for something silly as aligning words a certain way, or making paragraphs. They say this isn't for the publishing, but for the readers as well. Why can't someone write a book to write? Why can't it just be a book and not be in some perfect comparison to every 10000 books in the word. Then there's the number issue, oh I dare not get into that! Don't take this the wrong way critics are good, they make sure you understand you know what's the problem, my only issue is that everything has to be like everything else. A burger shouldn't have to come with potato fries, why not sweet potato fries, or even a different side dish? We should all be different and shouldn't have to run things the same. Who makes these 'laws' on how a song should be sung, or how a book should be written, or how a movie should be filmed? I was told my work is great, it might not be the next R.L. Stine story, but it's good. I guess it takes a lot in order to make something better than good, or maybe good just isn't enough for this place we call home. 

Monday, July 27, 2015

Shiver and Fears: The Unlucky Charm

Shiver and Fears had a friend work on a trailer for a the first publish Shiver and Fears book. It's pretty scary like. Sure if it was real 1000 of people would watch it. Would you be one of them? I dare you to check it out. Wouldn't blame the fear in your eyes. Our actor Will Warner sure does.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Meet Shiver and Fears

It's time you were introduced to a new book series. Meet Shiver and Fears. I've done a lot of work with this series. It's not just a book, but a movie. It's not just a story, but a story involving actual people. It's not just something to read, but something to get involved with. Every now and then someone ask where to find a Shiver and Fears story, but realize. It's not hard. It's as popular as any book you read. All books have the same cover A polaroid picture of: a girl writing in her journal with a stranger behind her, a boy in bed with a monster underneath, a girl in the forest attacked by an arrow, or even a boy being held in the arms by ghosts. You can't say you can't find AJ Hard's book, because what book store doesn't sell them? Everyone's taken the challenge and none were able to answer. Now that you know where to buy a book when are you going to buy one? Or even better, listen to one?