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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Why you should RSVP

   Now a days rsvp doesn't really matter. When you're giving an invitation you just show up to the party and have fun, or not show up and do your own thing. Shiver and Fears will NOT accept this! YOU HAVE TO RSVP!!
   Here is why: well our friend who is head of food, also known as h.o.f, wants a head count to bring enough food for everyone. But you see, I'd added to that!
   So here's the deal you don't want to rsvp, that's fine, but that just means your name won't be in the drawing for a water blaster. That means so RSVP no chances of taking home a water blaster. But lucky for you Shiver and Fears is giving away t-shirts... for $7 and there's only 4... and it's at random.
   Ok, ok so here's the deal you can win a water blaster IF you RSVP, you can win a shirt IF you buy a book, but if you don't RSVP and don't win a shirt, still be happy, you have an autographed Shiver and Fears book. But you probably want it free right? Well, you can. All you have to do is buy your own Shiver and Fears book... but you won't win a t-shirt...
   So you can win a water blaster If you RSVP, you can win a shirt IF you buy an autographed book, and you can get your autograph free IF you buy your own copy, but your chances of winning a t-shirt is out.
   Here's what I think you should do, RSVP by email or facebook or in person, spend $7 and get an autograph Shiver and Fears book (or buy your own to get it free) and have a splashing good time with the water balloons. You may get a t-shirt, you may not, you may get a water blaster, you may not, but with $7 you can get an autographed book for sure, even if you buy < your own copy!