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See it, like it, click it

Something I notice from my so called fans. They see it and like it, but do they really click it? The answer is no!! Don't think I don...

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Shiver and Fears Fundraiser

 have you gotten the heads up? I guess not. Shiver and Fears have made 145/500... What happened to the $2000? Well we've changed the rules. Why have a book signing in the book store when we can host one by yourself at a park, and what's a book signing without food, water, and movies??? That's right! Shiver and Fears is having a party for the book signing, but the book signing is not the reason for the party. We're having the party because Shiver and Fears will be 4 years old.
It's come a long way for this book, within 4 years Shiver and Fears has gotten 23 books publishes, 6 audio books, sold 35 copies, made a store, got a review and raised $145 for the fundraiser. Why not have a celebration?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Quiz me

So we already established you're no fan of Shiver and Fears an-... No, your not! Yeah, I'm sure your not! ... Have you even tried to be a fan? Read a book? Listen to one? Involved in ANY sweepstakes? Yeah, so your not a fan. But I will say thank for updating on blogs, I guess.
Anyway like I was saying we've established your not a fan, but does that stop you from trying this quiz? I'm sure you'd learn SOMETHING if you take this quiz... ok, so maybe just the character's names, but who's to say you can't just look it up!
Maybe there's another quiz you want, maybe you read a sneak peek on amazon and want a quiz on that... HAHA! Yeah right, we just went over how your not a fan. But why not be a fan? I've hears a ton of reasons: I don't have money, I don't have internet at home, I never have time, I don't read, I don't like scary stories, I don't have a facebook/twitter account,  I'm too old for those books, my kid is too young,
Believe the words coming out of my mouth as I type... YOU CAN DO SOME-THIIIING!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

See it, like it, click it

Something I notice from my so called fans. They see it and like it, but do they really click it? The answer is no!! Don't think I don't know you on facebook see a post and don't click it. Do you even t these posts lead you to? No, of course not. You don't try the quizzes, the madlibs, the fundraiser, or the parties. you sit there, like it, and move on with your life.
That's why you don't comment, that's why you don't click it, that why you don't have a Shiver and Fears book.
Bet you couldn't tell me about this book here, or
this one here...
Do you even watch the videos?<
Prove to me your a fan: comment, share, click do more than just like. Cause believe me, I know!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Made 1 out of 20!

Check out Shiver and Fears Commercial. Ok, ok so it's on youtube. But it still has a message about the Shiver and Fears fundraiser. With it we have made our 1st 10 purchase goal.
 We still need 90 more books which means $1900, so don't think your help isn't worth it. Remember one vote can make a difference in voting and one voice can change the world. So your help can do a lot of good.
And don't forget to message your email after donating, that way we can send you our gratitude with a free Shiver and Fears audio book. 4 donators are now happy to listen to their first audio book and wish for another, yep, that's how exciting they are. Not to mention, the choice is yours:

Monday, February 8, 2016

Meanwhile during the fundraiser

here is where we are on funds... yeah, not much progress, but it's a start. Have you helped yet? https://www.gofundme.com/ybmgkwhg < click here or here and donate your funding. We've agreed to give away free Shiver and Fears audio books to each donator. I mean $40 is a good start, but $2000 is our goal. the minimum is $850, but we can't get anywhere if you're sitting there saying "I'm sure someone is donating," or "I can't donate much, so I just won't do it" Even a $1 is help. I mean when you give a tip you don't always give $5 or church service don't always get a $20 from you, and what about Christmas donations?
Yep, even the littlest of help is still helping, so don't deny helping. Half  Price Books wants Shiver and Fears to bring 100 books to the book signing so people like you can go, "Hey, what's this? Shiver and Fears?! COOL!" get a book signed and go "I met the author!" to their friends, kids, and grandkids. Shiver and Fears book can go a long way with YOUR help. So leave a donation, no just for the free audio book, not to get me off your back, but to give the kids a book they'll never forget!
 And hey, if you share it with your friends they might donate too.