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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Enjoying their Creepsmas

As people wake up today opening their presents, the Shiver and Fears fans are listening to their new audio books and wearing their new Shiver and Fears shirts. That's right, while you enjoy your Christmas others are enjoying their Creepsmas!
If your reading this then you've must have had some kind of interaction with Shiver and Fears sometime in your life. If not maybe now would be a good time to start. Although you've missed your chance in the t-shirt give-a-way:
(If you have solved
 this code, then you
 have one a custom made
Shiver and Fears t-
However, audiobooks are still being sent to as many fans as possible, about 3 days ago Shiver and Fears had given away a total of 24 audio books, and give a way still stands. Even with 6 days left Shiver and Fears is gladly giving fans 1 of 9 books to listen to:
See one that catches your attention? Message or email Shiver and Fears your request and email and it's yours to enjoy. Give-a-way ends New Years Eve.
Scary Creepsmas, and a Happy New Fear!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

When 1 Author Meets Familiar Faces

Well it's amazingly a small world! If you remember before I made an appearance at Ridgeview Elementary. Well I come to the Life Change Ballroom performance and who suprisly is also here? A few friends from church. But then who else do I see here? My neighbor from across the street! But before all that who do I see on stage? Cindy, the ballroom instructor... And of course the ballroom dancers of Ridgeview Elementary!!
It was good to know some kids who viewed my presentation were also dancers. They were great too. I smiled at every introduction and every dance they preformed, the swing, chacha, tango, and a few more.

Know what enjoyment to hear that these dancers from the same school I went to won not one, but two awards. Not only that, they won first place finals. I also want to congratulate Britton. I speak for BCC when I say we're proud for their hard work. That night I was cheering on two schools. One was my home school (the school I went to at their age) the other was the school I worked with.  So after hearing they were the last two schools to be titled 1st and 2nd place I knew either way I'd be happy to announce in a way Shiver and Fears is a part of that school.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Get Creepier This Christmas

No one really understands this picture. It's suppose to be a boy running down the street of his neighborhood. As he's running he's transforming into a cookie... Yeah not my best work, but the best I can do hiring for $5.
But what does this cookie transforming boy have to do with anything? You'll have to read A Creepier Christmas(<==click here) to really understand it. That's right! Shiver and Fears has published the new Christmas book of the year.
But that's not all! Shiver and Fears has a new audio book coming later this month, AND A Creepier Christmas will come to Barnes and Noble as a hardback in just a few more days. Wow! We really are making a lot of progress huh? Well each year we make sure Shiver and Fears brings its merriest to all you fans.
Oooh, and we've got another idea! But we would share that until Christmas day!

Friday, December 2, 2016

2 out of 2

In the season of giving we're giving out more then just three shirts. We have 8 audio books and we want you to have one! No, you don't have to solve a code, be the first to give a call, or take a poll.
All you have to do is email shiverandfears@gmail.com your request of 8 audio books
  1. The Chill House
  2. Sibling Subtraction
  3. The Ghost of Future Me
  4. The Unlucky Charm
  5. The Haunted Party
  6.  A Skeleton Dinner
  7. A Creepy Christmas
  8. The Beast Within the Bed
and we'll  send you back your request. We're doing this all December long, so even when Christmas is over we'll still be giving gifts.
. Merry Creepsmas!