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Monday, January 23, 2017

That Was My Idea! Contest

     In the story Sibling Subtraction three friends deal with annoying younger siblings Agatha has the worse luck she has twin siblings. One day Agatha and her friends come up with an idea, leave them alone over night at the park, nearby the cave that's said to be haunted. Now ever since then the annoying siblings aren't so annoying. More like scary! Agatha must figure out what's going on and how to get her brothers back before it's too late. Otherwise she'll be one less of a brother, and not just that, she'll be stuck with a fake! Question is where is her brother? No other than the cave that was rumored to be haunted, but actually is haunted!

Now that you know the summary of the story now it's time you do your part. Come up with an idea for the cover of this story. Make sure the picture idea includes something within the story, and it has to be scary. Shiver and Fears is a horror fiction book so if you want to involve the cave make sure there's details about the cave: red eyes peaking out, a ghost hand reaching out to grab you.

entries are due 18th of February so there's really no time to wait! Because on Febuary 20th we will announce the winner and post it for everyone to see.

How interesting that Sibling Subtraction was actually part of another one of our contests: That's My Twin. We will never forget how Dylan created his imaginary twin Cylan.... I know, it's not a real name, but we used it because it was our most creative entry.

We also want to let you know if you feel our summary isn't enough detail and you feel like you actually need to read this book, go ahead.
Good luck!

Friday, January 13, 2017

Update on Justice Clark (spoilers)

Shiver and Fears is working on another book this year.... like always. We're so excited that we want to give the scoop about the story. Warning this is a spoiler!
Justice Clark is our main character. He is visiting his grampa, but something doesn't feel right with him. I mean exactly when was he dropped off at his grampa's house. He doesn't really remember it happening. or when his grampa got a butler. Justice sees this whole visit as weird since his grampa doesn't even remember who Justice is.
 weird huh?
Well we are still working on it and we haven't got too far, but Justice is starting to feel as though there are some secrets to this whole visit. Gosh, can you believe it's only been 5 chapters and things are already getting strange.
It's my bad, I guess. I was a little too excited and with Justice not remembering things I didn't want it to be too obvious. But this secret is getting out of control. Justice has upset the butler and Justice doesn't really understand why, and did I forget to mention the rash? SPOILER ALERT!
Why does Justice have a rash? What's the big secret? Does Justice ever go home? Find out in Shiver and Fears new book: An Old Bite... and find out why it's called An Old Bite. The hint is, the story took another direction with the title.

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Royal Check

   Each year Shiver and Fears has a royal check. That's a check that records how many products were sold and how much money was made. Well to no shock in 2012 Shiver and Fear didn't make to much. About 2 products were sold back then.
   But this year has made a huge difference, within the past 5 years Shiver and Fears has sold 150 products! That would include books, audiobooks, and labeled products. And it's all because of the sales happening in 2016. Shiver and Fears made progress selling books and audios to the fans.
Although people don't seem interested in shoes, shirts, magnets and mugs, they are truly interested in reading and listening to books. In fact, listening to books is the most popular Shiver and Fears product ever.
   It's because of fans like you that makes it possible to be maybe not the best selling book, but a good one!

Sunday, January 1, 2017

It's A Brand New Fear... I Mean Year

This year Shiver and Fears has a whole bunch of new ideas! If you've been catching up with us on twitter or facebook then you've heard about Shiver and Fears and the new story An Old Bite. Without giving out too much of the story An Old Bite is about Justice Clark visiting his grandfather. As he comes for a visit Justice has a rash that won't seem to go away. During his visit Justice gets strange feelings about his visit and that his grandfather is hiding something. Could it be... Well I rather not give you too much detail!
Our next idea is to try something different. We're going to make our first book with an adult as the main character! Shiver and Fears makes stories about kids and teens, but we will soon change all that! We'll be different from Goosebumps and have the adult struggle in the situation... and have the kids not believe him! We will entitle it The Bus Driver of Doom! It was a story Shiver and Fears had already written, but  the plot was a little off so it was never published. Now we're ready, and this story will be great, we promise!
This year's Bookaversary party will be put together by not one, but 3 team mates. The first two parties were great but this year we want to do something a little extra. We're planning right now. This February we'll need your help to raise money to get everything set. Hope to see you there.
Through the year of 2017 you'll see a lot going on, Some may be old, but we still have new fears for the new years!