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Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Only 5 codes

Google is only giving away 5 codes for Shiver and Fears audio book. And at 8 in the morning? Oh gosh, you're in for a challenge. Not only are you up against people on google, but also, twitter, and facebook as well.
Why are you getting just 5 codes? Shiver and Fears wants your likes.  Shiver and Fears is everywhere sure, but it's popular site is Facebook.
I'm giving you a chance to have a free audio book, because if you aren't into facebook or twitter then you still need a chance to be involved in our contests, but Google doesn't spread the same way facebook does, although Shiver and Fears can pull in people on google which you can't really do on Facebook, unless you're in a group, but even then it's just friends.
Back to the contest, Do you listen to your books? Shiver and Fears has 4 published audio book and with this these codes you can get one free.
There's only 5 codes, because sure I want you involved, but it's really for facebook fans. But don't get me wrong, I not saying you have to have  a facebook in order to play along, But it's our main source .
Do I want you to play? Yeah. Do I want you to win? Yeah. Why only 5 codes?
Just be on the look out for these free code, I'm done here!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Double the sweepstakes

Shiver and Fears is having a double sweepstakes! You might be thinking, "Double sweepstakes, what does that mean?" Well let me tell you, You could be the winner of two prizes.
   Both of our sweepstakes are about the new year. Our first sweepstakes includes in our new book. After The Chill House we will have another character contest. You could be the main character in our next book. Check it out at Shiver and Fears facebook page new year's day.
   Our next contest is a contest for everyone to win. Starting Jan 2nd Shiver and Fears will be posting a code, with that code you can type it in at audible.com and win a free Shiver and Fears audio book, but you better be quick, you never know who else is wanting a free audio book as well.
    We'll send 20 different codes, 1 each day.  Starting today Shiver and Fears has 4 book choices. We finished Sibling Subtraction this December. Our narrator, Katy Johnson, loved the thought of the story of three friends coming to realize siblings aren't so bad... but not so easy as well!
   Hey, if you play your cards right you could be the winner of both! Now how fun would that be?

   Now you might be saying, "I don't have a facebook account," no worries, Twitter is hosting the contest as well, and if that doesn't help.... you know what, we'll host the contest on google as well! Be here on time this January and be ready to type in the code for your free audio book, as for the other contest... Well, we'll see!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Chill House During Chill Season

    I've been wanting to write The Chill House for a while. But, like the other Shiver and Fears stories, I always found something better. The truth is the stories aren't written by 1st idea to last, they're in order from better to best. My very very first story wasn't The Unlucky Charm. It was The Haunted Cell Phone. After writing them both, The Unlucky Charm seemed more frightful. I mean being followed by an abnormal rabbit, because you have what belongs to them.
    I mean what if you had a mummy's eyes, or a skeleton's hand, or a pirate's peg leg? How creepy would it be if (even though they're suppose to be dead) they came after you just to get it back?
   Now think about The Haunted Cell Phone: Some strange phone appears from a rain storm and give awkward phone calls from no where. Hmmm,,,, being stalked by a rabbit or having a phone with cursed calls... Which scares you more?
   If you said stalking rabbit, I thought so too. If you said cursed phone, you get scared too easy. But, it's still good. That just means Shiver and Fears is scary enough to give you shiver and fears. I mean that's why it's called that.
    Now back to The Chill House, It's to be the last story written in 2015. Afterwards we're planning on working on something new. Check out our next blog to find out what we have in store.

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Show your artwork

Did you know Shiver and Fears wants your artwork? Well it's true! Send us your creepiest art work, it doesn't have to be pro, just presentable to the kids.
 this one came from a boy named Ashton. We placed it on our website with a few others >here. All we need is your picture (perfect or not perfect), your name, and the name of your artwork. and it'll be posted
We want it to be either scary or  include "Shiver and Fears" in a special way
 Like Danny's artwork here. Not really scary, but show the dark side of Shiver and Fears. now something like this:
 don't count.... not unless you took the picture yourself:
 here's a great example!
So show us what you've got. Like I said, doesn't have to be perfect, pro, just scary and presentable for kids.
You can send it by google+ or email it to Shiverandfears@gmail.com, it's your choice!