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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

From Birthday Aniversary to Bookaversary

   So finding the name to this party was a little difficult. We started with birthday. I mean it was the weekend before the actual date Shiver and Fears was created, but do you know how annoying it is to tell everyone "No, it's not my birthday it's my book's birthday." Not only is it strange to give a book a BIRTHday it's hard to get everyone to understand Shiver and Fears was born.
   So we thought of it as a birthday anniversary. That is a thing right? I mean it's a birthday party with anniversary purposes... We kept that title for about a year or two, but it still didn't seem right. I mean I was still calling it a birthday but maybe it was more of an anniversary. And it was more to focus on the book and not me.
   So here's where we come to a new name: not a birthday not an anniversary but a BIRTHAVERSARY! That is what we decided to go with. I mean it works. A celebration for Shiver and Fears on the day it was created. It's like a birthday, but with an anniversary twist! Perfect, right? WRONG!!
   Here's the deal, it works, but no one understands the reason. I mean, It's a party for Shiver and Fears, but most people don't know what Shiver and Fears is or why the party is happening. I guess you don't either.
   This party is to collect new fans and have them be more aware of Shiver and Fears books. So next time I say, "Do you like Shiver and Fears?" I don't have to hear back, "What is that?" "Where can I find them?" "What's the book called" and if you told a friend about Shiver and Fears you can answer their questions and not go, "I don't know, I'll ask AJ"
   So here's where the name comes in. I'm making invitations and about to purchase them when one of my teammates say "Be sure to tell them who's hosting the party," Then it came to me, I typed it 'hosted by the author AJ Hard' then I figured there has to be a way to inform them right away about what the party is about without saying, 'The party is about Shiver and Fears books and the day I created them' That's where bookaversary came from. And bookaversary will stay!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Party Supplies go over the limit

So I head to Walmart to buy some supplies to make shirts for the Shiver and Fears party. So I need ink for the printer, iron on paper, and tie dye for color. I need shirts as well, but those are bought already. So I got the ink and the tie dye, all I need is the paper. The only paper they have is 3 sheets and it's $7, well I'm distracted by this nice guy who's trying to sell Cox and want to have a chat. Now I'm always in for a good chat, So I get three boxes, chat and go.
Now not realizing 7+7+7 is over the limit. Turns out being rushed and distracted is not handy when your goal is focused on one thing. Why do people push others? It's hard enough to focus when someone wants to talk to you. Which me, I like to chat with a fan about a book or music, but I'm unsure what it was that got me $77 in the end with products I didn't even mean to get. Good thing I didn't walk in with $100, otherwise I'd be stuck with supplies I don't need.
Being an author is hard.