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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Writer's Jobs

The writer's job is to do one thing... WRITE! But I have to write, promote, draw, post, edit, update, work on products, websites, and pages... Are there any writers who actually do all this stuff? I wish I had a team. Just a few days ago I let go of who I thought were my team mates for Shiver and Fears books, but none of them could keep up with their duties. I had an editor, a product labeler, a fan club president, a video producer, even an illustrator. But here's the struggle: If I can't get a hold of the product labeler on phone, on facebook, on email and tell him "I want a Shiver and Fears pen made" how is he ever going to get it done? and if he can't get it done then how can I expect him to make anything else? So who's stuck with the job? The head of Shiver and Fears, the one who's trying to sell the books... in this case, it would be me, The Writer. Because I'm the editor, the producer, The head worker, the one who posts EVERYTHING, the idea man, the one who runs into 100 familiar people and say "I write books, you should check it out.", the idea man, the agent, the video producer, the artist, the contest host, the photographer... That's a lot of jobs for a writer, which is another job I do, and it doesn't seem like I good at any of them. Because the writer is suppose to do one...WRITE!

Working Solo

Shiver and fears had to fire the staff.... Ok, ok so technically there is no staff. No one was getting paid, but it was a team effort that no one was focused on. The graphics designer, Ashton, was fantastic at his work, but there's not much to do for Shiver and Fears in graphics. We had a Shiver and Fears fan club, but Skyler wanted to focus more on her singing carreer. Lastly our product designer was working in the store, so I thought, but even  Micha didn't have the time to help. AJ Hard is working alone now. I have from the start. However, writing is harder than I thought it was. See what I have to say in Writer's Jobs. As for now Shiver and Fears has over 100 mistakes and no one to help solve... for free. Money is the code-word and it's something that I'm unable to give to a few teammates. I guess you can call the Shiver and Fears team a volunteer job! But in this world, everything cost money.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Read it or Hear it

When Shiver and Fears started it was all written in books, later we've decided to upgrade to kindle, after kindle we wanted to video and trailer all our books (which is still a working process) But Shiver and Fears have now upgraded into listening to our books. We've only got one book for sale, but in 2016 think about all the book we'll have in audio.http://amzn.com/B014181ITI  Not only are we at amazon, Shiver and Fears is sold on audible and iTunes too. My partner Douglas Taylor is an amazing reader as he catches the fear and excitement of the characters. Our next audio story is The Haunted Party. it's still a working process...

Friday, August 7, 2015

A whole new writing style

So apparently writer have to write the same. have to have paragraphs, must be on the left not center. I mean I can understand too many commas, or too much use of a word, or even punctuation is wrong, but for something silly as aligning words a certain way, or making paragraphs. They say this isn't for the publishing, but for the readers as well. Why can't someone write a book to write? Why can't it just be a book and not be in some perfect comparison to every 10000 books in the word. Then there's the number issue, oh I dare not get into that! Don't take this the wrong way critics are good, they make sure you understand you know what's the problem, my only issue is that everything has to be like everything else. A burger shouldn't have to come with potato fries, why not sweet potato fries, or even a different side dish? We should all be different and shouldn't have to run things the same. Who makes these 'laws' on how a song should be sung, or how a book should be written, or how a movie should be filmed? I was told my work is great, it might not be the next R.L. Stine story, but it's good. I guess it takes a lot in order to make something better than good, or maybe good just isn't enough for this place we call home.