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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Shiver and Fears bookaversary party went well

The ever first Bookaversary in history has been set! Shiver and Fears had 23 guests and almost all of them left with an autographed book, a t-shirt, a water blaster, or candy. Shiver and Fears has raised $88 signing their books.

  Although 55 guests said they'd make it, we still hope they'll still post a hashtag message for Shiver and Fears this Wednesday.
Now you might be asking what did you miss, if you weren't there. Our photo man Jeremiah Childs was taking pictures for his partner Charlie O'Hara to edit and post on YouTube this Wednesday.
Our other helper Victoria was face painting, and she was happy when winning her new t-shirt.
Everyone is a winner at Shiver and Fears Bookaversary parties. Hope you can join us next year... I'm pretty sure there won't be any peaches in our cake! But it seems it didn't really matter to some people.