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Something I notice from my so called fans. They see it and like it, but do they really click it? The answer is no!! Don't think I don...

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Enjoying their Creepsmas

As people wake up today opening their presents, the Shiver and Fears fans are listening to their new audio books and wearing their new Shiver and Fears shirts. That's right, while you enjoy your Christmas others are enjoying their Creepsmas!
If your reading this then you've must have had some kind of interaction with Shiver and Fears sometime in your life. If not maybe now would be a good time to start. Although you've missed your chance in the t-shirt give-a-way:
(If you have solved
 this code, then you
 have one a custom made
Shiver and Fears t-
However, audiobooks are still being sent to as many fans as possible, about 3 days ago Shiver and Fears had given away a total of 24 audio books, and give a way still stands. Even with 6 days left Shiver and Fears is gladly giving fans 1 of 9 books to listen to:
See one that catches your attention? Message or email Shiver and Fears your request and email and it's yours to enjoy. Give-a-way ends New Years Eve.
Scary Creepsmas, and a Happy New Fear!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

When 1 Author Meets Familiar Faces

Well it's amazingly a small world! If you remember before I made an appearance at Ridgeview Elementary. Well I come to the Life Change Ballroom performance and who suprisly is also here? A few friends from church. But then who else do I see here? My neighbor from across the street! But before all that who do I see on stage? Cindy, the ballroom instructor... And of course the ballroom dancers of Ridgeview Elementary!!
It was good to know some kids who viewed my presentation were also dancers. They were great too. I smiled at every introduction and every dance they preformed, the swing, chacha, tango, and a few more.

Know what enjoyment to hear that these dancers from the same school I went to won not one, but two awards. Not only that, they won first place finals. I also want to congratulate Britton. I speak for BCC when I say we're proud for their hard work. That night I was cheering on two schools. One was my home school (the school I went to at their age) the other was the school I worked with.  So after hearing they were the last two schools to be titled 1st and 2nd place I knew either way I'd be happy to announce in a way Shiver and Fears is a part of that school.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Get Creepier This Christmas

No one really understands this picture. It's suppose to be a boy running down the street of his neighborhood. As he's running he's transforming into a cookie... Yeah not my best work, but the best I can do hiring for $5.
But what does this cookie transforming boy have to do with anything? You'll have to read A Creepier Christmas(<==click here) to really understand it. That's right! Shiver and Fears has published the new Christmas book of the year.
But that's not all! Shiver and Fears has a new audio book coming later this month, AND A Creepier Christmas will come to Barnes and Noble as a hardback in just a few more days. Wow! We really are making a lot of progress huh? Well each year we make sure Shiver and Fears brings its merriest to all you fans.
Oooh, and we've got another idea! But we would share that until Christmas day!

Friday, December 2, 2016

2 out of 2

In the season of giving we're giving out more then just three shirts. We have 8 audio books and we want you to have one! No, you don't have to solve a code, be the first to give a call, or take a poll.
All you have to do is email shiverandfears@gmail.com your request of 8 audio books
  1. The Chill House
  2. Sibling Subtraction
  3. The Ghost of Future Me
  4. The Unlucky Charm
  5. The Haunted Party
  6.  A Skeleton Dinner
  7. A Creepy Christmas
  8. The Beast Within the Bed
and we'll  send you back your request. We're doing this all December long, so even when Christmas is over we'll still be giving gifts.
. Merry Creepsmas!

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Be 1 of the 2

We want you to solve this code:
                                                                 with this decoder
Contestants who enter the contest and solve this code with be given the chance to win a prize. Winners who figure out this code are needed to send in their address in order to receive prize, otherwise it goes to the next winner. Do you think you can do it? I must worn you some of the letters aren't in the decoder, but trust me it's simple. So are you ready now? We only have prizes for three winners, so don't hesitate.
I must also say do NOT send in the answer to the code by comment, we don't need any cheaters! Email will do perfectly fine. If you're not sure how to contact us go to our website asia17hardwin.wix.com/shiverandfears  and click "chat with the author" Good luck, and Scary Creepsmas to all!

Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween, it's such a bore!

So Shiver and Fears are looking around for any Halloween spirit, not really finding any. The neighborhood around here don't really have much to attract your attention. No Jack-a-lanterns lit over night. Costumes aren't even that cool. Everyone is dressing as the original witch, monster, recent cartoon characters.
So what am I blogging about today? 2016 is almost over and it's been completely tragic. With evil clowns, police are strolling on everyone, and death upon loved heroes. Make this Halloween a big one, tv used to make Halloween fun and exciting, but it seems now they focus more on the new stuff and not the holiday stuff.
So don't just keep Halloween to yourself, show it off to everyone. Because it's more than just a holiday with candy, it's more than a holiday for kids, it's a holiday for excitement, scares, and good times. Not just for kids, but for adults to, so don't let anyone tell you you're too old for this holiday, cause chances are an adult is who make it a holiday in the first place!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Haunted Love

Some of you may have heard and seen this story, Most of you have not. It's a real story, but yet still make believe, if you know what I mean.
Here is the story Haunted Love:

One gloomy night a couple had just gotten married....
But sadly, it didn't last long...

It didn't take the groom very long to fall in love again....

But what the groom didn't know was that you can't kill what's already dead!
The interesting things you'll find in a pharmacy store

Saturday, September 24, 2016

...At Your Local Library

Since the beginning of time Shiver and Fears were the book series that struggled to gain attention. They were the books only found online and cost way too much. We figured multiple ideas to get them selling and all though a few were marketing, these books were still in the shadow. 
That's right Shiver and Fears aren't just online anymore they are in the library as well. This site
> here < will send you straight to the site to check the books out wherever you are
For four years now Shiver and Fears has tried to make it easy to find Shiver and Fears but this can't get any easier! Soon Shiver and Fears will have 4 of our books in shelf. But if you want more ask you local library if they can add some more of your favorite stories!

Friday, September 2, 2016

Fan of the Week

This past month we've been titling our fans of the week. How do you become fan of the week? Well we nee to know that you're a fan, so show it to us. This is one of our fans, she proved it to us by giving the idea to raise money for the book signing, helped us find an illustrator, and always checking out our page on facebook.
So I know what your thinking, 'I like the blog, does that count?' Sorry to say, but no.

We want to see more from you all. You might not have a facebook, but i'm sure you have friends and family who do. Show us your a fan of Shiver and Fears with likes, photos, and #shiverandfears comment. Even sending an email could get you qualified.
Now before you start getting upset, I want you to know it's not all about facebook. Leaving us a review on one of the book sites, photos of you checking out a Shiver and Fears book, or even spreading the word about our books can get you to be fan of the week, but we have to see it and have to know about it.
Seems like a lot of work, I know. But we already have 5 fans. If you want to be one, you have to show us you're one yourself.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Buisness is Multiplying

     So I chatted with the libraries for 3 years and finally got my dream to come true! Well first let me explain my dream.
     Well my main dream was to become famous, when Shiver and Fears first started that dream was made to come true. But even with books selling online it wasn't enough to really call famous.
     As you know Shiver and Fears went from books, to kindles, to products, to audio books, but I knew making something isn't what makes you famous, it's how many people look at what you made and how it attracts them.
      Well being online doesn't get that much attention, but you know what does? Book stores, libraries, and schools. Well I'm happy to announce Shiver and Fears has made it into schools, entered in book stores, and now after four years are now heading into libraries! Don't believe me, ask a metropolitan library for Shiver and Fears books. You'll be surprised.
     Now it's time to spread the word. While I go to everyone I know and love you do the same. Go to the school librarian and ask for Shiver and Fears books, meanwhile I'll be asking if any more schools would like a donation from Shiver and Fears

Monday, August 22, 2016

Donation to Schools

Shiver and Fears book are making their way into elementary schools. Our first stop was Britton Elementary. They were glad to know an author, myself, was donating books to the school. Not only that, I was sure to autograph them as well. 
Where did these books come from? Well great question, The Bookaversary party was left with 10 books leftover. I was planning to sell them, but giving them away was a way better plan. I mean we did give one to a book store, and the YMCA. So after that donation, I planned another.
 Ridgeview Elementary was my school years ago, and if one elementary school accepted new books then I'm sure another would accept it too. Well my luck was true, not only were they accepting Shiver and Fears books, they were accepting my presents to introduce Shiver and Fears to the kids!
That gave me a brilliant idea: Let's donate Shiver and Fears to elementary schools! Maybe even make appearances at the schools. Right now it's just an idea, but if things go right Shiver and Fears can finally be where they're suppose to be... in the hands of children!

Saturday, July 16, 2016

Shiver and Fears bookaversary party went well

The ever first Bookaversary in history has been set! Shiver and Fears had 23 guests and almost all of them left with an autographed book, a t-shirt, a water blaster, or candy. Shiver and Fears has raised $88 signing their books.

  Although 55 guests said they'd make it, we still hope they'll still post a hashtag message for Shiver and Fears this Wednesday.
Now you might be asking what did you miss, if you weren't there. Our photo man Jeremiah Childs was taking pictures for his partner Charlie O'Hara to edit and post on YouTube this Wednesday.
Our other helper Victoria was face painting, and she was happy when winning her new t-shirt.
Everyone is a winner at Shiver and Fears Bookaversary parties. Hope you can join us next year... I'm pretty sure there won't be any peaches in our cake! But it seems it didn't really matter to some people.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Finished Our Guest List

Shiver and Fears has collected all the RSVP'd guests. All 55 guests who make it to the anniversary party will place their name in the drawing box and get a chance to win 1 out of 7 water blasters. We'll hold it for last, why you may wonder? All seven water blaters will be set to take home, but until names are drawn they belong to everyone.
Yes, because we don't have enough for everyone to have, so fill it up with water, soak a friend, and give someone else a turn. After the party, if your name is called sure, you get to take it home and it's only up to you to let someone else use it till you're ready to go home with it.
That's a bummer, but you know, if you have one at home you want to bring; write your name on it, fill it with water, blast someone with it and share it with friends. Then afterwards take it home. We'll provide a load of water... Ice water! So yeah, watch out! If you come to this party not wanting to get wet, believe me, it's not possible. You'll want to be sure to wear the right clothes and not be all dressed all fancy.
What? No! The only thing you have to pay for is the autograph book... but it's free cost if you bring your own Shiver and Fears book to sign. No pay for the t-shirt, no pay for the food, drinks, water blasters, ANYTHING!  Just the book. And it only cost $7.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Why you should RSVP

   Now a days rsvp doesn't really matter. When you're giving an invitation you just show up to the party and have fun, or not show up and do your own thing. Shiver and Fears will NOT accept this! YOU HAVE TO RSVP!!
   Here is why: well our friend who is head of food, also known as h.o.f, wants a head count to bring enough food for everyone. But you see, I'd added to that!
   So here's the deal you don't want to rsvp, that's fine, but that just means your name won't be in the drawing for a water blaster. That means so RSVP no chances of taking home a water blaster. But lucky for you Shiver and Fears is giving away t-shirts... for $7 and there's only 4... and it's at random.
   Ok, ok so here's the deal you can win a water blaster IF you RSVP, you can win a shirt IF you buy a book, but if you don't RSVP and don't win a shirt, still be happy, you have an autographed Shiver and Fears book. But you probably want it free right? Well, you can. All you have to do is buy your own Shiver and Fears book... but you won't win a t-shirt...
   So you can win a water blaster If you RSVP, you can win a shirt IF you buy an autographed book, and you can get your autograph free IF you buy your own copy, but your chances of winning a t-shirt is out.
   Here's what I think you should do, RSVP by email or facebook or in person, spend $7 and get an autograph Shiver and Fears book (or buy your own to get it free) and have a splashing good time with the water balloons. You may get a t-shirt, you may not, you may get a water blaster, you may not, but with $7 you can get an autographed book for sure, even if you buy < your own copy!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

From Birthday Aniversary to Bookaversary

   So finding the name to this party was a little difficult. We started with birthday. I mean it was the weekend before the actual date Shiver and Fears was created, but do you know how annoying it is to tell everyone "No, it's not my birthday it's my book's birthday." Not only is it strange to give a book a BIRTHday it's hard to get everyone to understand Shiver and Fears was born.
   So we thought of it as a birthday anniversary. That is a thing right? I mean it's a birthday party with anniversary purposes... We kept that title for about a year or two, but it still didn't seem right. I mean I was still calling it a birthday but maybe it was more of an anniversary. And it was more to focus on the book and not me.
   So here's where we come to a new name: not a birthday not an anniversary but a BIRTHAVERSARY! That is what we decided to go with. I mean it works. A celebration for Shiver and Fears on the day it was created. It's like a birthday, but with an anniversary twist! Perfect, right? WRONG!!
   Here's the deal, it works, but no one understands the reason. I mean, It's a party for Shiver and Fears, but most people don't know what Shiver and Fears is or why the party is happening. I guess you don't either.
   This party is to collect new fans and have them be more aware of Shiver and Fears books. So next time I say, "Do you like Shiver and Fears?" I don't have to hear back, "What is that?" "Where can I find them?" "What's the book called" and if you told a friend about Shiver and Fears you can answer their questions and not go, "I don't know, I'll ask AJ"
   So here's where the name comes in. I'm making invitations and about to purchase them when one of my teammates say "Be sure to tell them who's hosting the party," Then it came to me, I typed it 'hosted by the author AJ Hard' then I figured there has to be a way to inform them right away about what the party is about without saying, 'The party is about Shiver and Fears books and the day I created them' That's where bookaversary came from. And bookaversary will stay!

Monday, April 18, 2016

Party Supplies go over the limit

So I head to Walmart to buy some supplies to make shirts for the Shiver and Fears party. So I need ink for the printer, iron on paper, and tie dye for color. I need shirts as well, but those are bought already. So I got the ink and the tie dye, all I need is the paper. The only paper they have is 3 sheets and it's $7, well I'm distracted by this nice guy who's trying to sell Cox and want to have a chat. Now I'm always in for a good chat, So I get three boxes, chat and go.
Now not realizing 7+7+7 is over the limit. Turns out being rushed and distracted is not handy when your goal is focused on one thing. Why do people push others? It's hard enough to focus when someone wants to talk to you. Which me, I like to chat with a fan about a book or music, but I'm unsure what it was that got me $77 in the end with products I didn't even mean to get. Good thing I didn't walk in with $100, otherwise I'd be stuck with supplies I don't need.
Being an author is hard.

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Invites, get your invites here!

Now you might be saying, "Isn't it too early to send an invite to a summer party?" And you might be right! That's why we didn't send in invitations we sent PRE-invitation. Yes, the first thing we want to do is inform all our fans that Shiver and Fears is having a party, once they know about it they can get the full 411. Or you know, read this blog!
So one thing most people don't know is about the book signing. We're costing signed books $7, however it's free if you bring your own Shiver and Fears book to sign. Another thing is the party will start at 12:30 pm and we will host a contest where 3 winners will own a custom made Shiver and Fears shirt.
Will there be food and drinks? OF COURSE! And this year we're even adding a cake. This cake is special because we plan on make a replica of Shiver and Fears first book The Unlucky Charm. And no need to worry we will have tons of water balloons and even ice water for those water squirters!
We have a bunch more ideas for this party that we haven't settled yet, but don't worry, we'll keep you updated.

Thursday, March 3, 2016



Shiver and Fears shoes

Shop at Shiver and Fears store. Check out our new product that may be expensive, but hey we have coupons! You know I see a lot of you buy the most useless things at a high price. Why not a pair of shoes. What's $100? The best part is they have no gender to it. They are for both girls and boys, and with zippers, call me old fashion, but zippers are cool!

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Shiver and Fears Fundraiser

 have you gotten the heads up? I guess not. Shiver and Fears have made 145/500... What happened to the $2000? Well we've changed the rules. Why have a book signing in the book store when we can host one by yourself at a park, and what's a book signing without food, water, and movies??? That's right! Shiver and Fears is having a party for the book signing, but the book signing is not the reason for the party. We're having the party because Shiver and Fears will be 4 years old.
It's come a long way for this book, within 4 years Shiver and Fears has gotten 23 books publishes, 6 audio books, sold 35 copies, made a store, got a review and raised $145 for the fundraiser. Why not have a celebration?

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Quiz me

So we already established you're no fan of Shiver and Fears an-... No, your not! Yeah, I'm sure your not! ... Have you even tried to be a fan? Read a book? Listen to one? Involved in ANY sweepstakes? Yeah, so your not a fan. But I will say thank for updating on blogs, I guess.
Anyway like I was saying we've established your not a fan, but does that stop you from trying this quiz? I'm sure you'd learn SOMETHING if you take this quiz... ok, so maybe just the character's names, but who's to say you can't just look it up!
Maybe there's another quiz you want, maybe you read a sneak peek on amazon and want a quiz on that... HAHA! Yeah right, we just went over how your not a fan. But why not be a fan? I've hears a ton of reasons: I don't have money, I don't have internet at home, I never have time, I don't read, I don't like scary stories, I don't have a facebook/twitter account,  I'm too old for those books, my kid is too young,
Believe the words coming out of my mouth as I type... YOU CAN DO SOME-THIIIING!!!!!

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

See it, like it, click it

Something I notice from my so called fans. They see it and like it, but do they really click it? The answer is no!! Don't think I don't know you on facebook see a post and don't click it. Do you even t these posts lead you to? No, of course not. You don't try the quizzes, the madlibs, the fundraiser, or the parties. you sit there, like it, and move on with your life.
That's why you don't comment, that's why you don't click it, that why you don't have a Shiver and Fears book.
Bet you couldn't tell me about this book here, or
this one here...
Do you even watch the videos?<
Prove to me your a fan: comment, share, click do more than just like. Cause believe me, I know!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Made 1 out of 20!

Check out Shiver and Fears Commercial. Ok, ok so it's on youtube. But it still has a message about the Shiver and Fears fundraiser. With it we have made our 1st 10 purchase goal.
 We still need 90 more books which means $1900, so don't think your help isn't worth it. Remember one vote can make a difference in voting and one voice can change the world. So your help can do a lot of good.
And don't forget to message your email after donating, that way we can send you our gratitude with a free Shiver and Fears audio book. 4 donators are now happy to listen to their first audio book and wish for another, yep, that's how exciting they are. Not to mention, the choice is yours:

Monday, February 8, 2016

Meanwhile during the fundraiser

here is where we are on funds... yeah, not much progress, but it's a start. Have you helped yet? https://www.gofundme.com/ybmgkwhg < click here or here and donate your funding. We've agreed to give away free Shiver and Fears audio books to each donator. I mean $40 is a good start, but $2000 is our goal. the minimum is $850, but we can't get anywhere if you're sitting there saying "I'm sure someone is donating," or "I can't donate much, so I just won't do it" Even a $1 is help. I mean when you give a tip you don't always give $5 or church service don't always get a $20 from you, and what about Christmas donations?
Yep, even the littlest of help is still helping, so don't deny helping. Half  Price Books wants Shiver and Fears to bring 100 books to the book signing so people like you can go, "Hey, what's this? Shiver and Fears?! COOL!" get a book signed and go "I met the author!" to their friends, kids, and grandkids. Shiver and Fears book can go a long way with YOUR help. So leave a donation, no just for the free audio book, not to get me off your back, but to give the kids a book they'll never forget!
 And hey, if you share it with your friends they might donate too.

Sunday, January 31, 2016


So I was setting up a book signing this March when the man in charge of Half Price Books tells me I need to bring 100 book copies. Now you would think getting copies of my own book wouldn't be so hard, but yet it is.
Now understand I can get free audio books, which is what I planned to give away during the book signing, but apparently the author (a.k.a me) has to pay the same amount of money to buy a copy. Now I'm not sure how good you are at math but a Shiver and Fears book cost about $20, so... That's right $2000!
So here's the deal, do you want to help? Click >here< a help fund Shiver and Fear. If you can't fund share the news with ANYONE you know. Family, friends, enemies, teachers, neighbors anyone and everyone.Shiver and Fears needs all the help it can get.
No need to sit there and say "There's nothing I can do, so I can't get involved" or "I don't know much about Shiver and Fears to do anything," because believe me someone can always do something!

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Shop for a stamp

At Zazzle.com we have a ton of small products to buy. Now I know you're thinking $40 for a lamp? No way! But calm down. They do sales like every day for stuff like this. 40% off for any kind of card, 25% off for sweaters and shirts. I promise you, with the daily discounts zazzle has it'll be worth it.
 We use the logo on a few of our products, just for those 'It's about Shiver and Fears' stuff. I think you should give it a chance and check out the store.
Right now we're selling valentine card labeled with Shiver and Fears: The Dangers of Love, our slogan, Chill out with Shiver and Fears is on a pencil so you can stop using those boring yellow ones.

Monday, January 25, 2016

Shiver and Fears likes to shiver and fear

So when watching videos it's always good to watch a little fear. And since we work for kids, child fear is what we're after. Here is one that we've watched: Archie's Weird Mysteries Episode 7 Curse of the Mummy | Watch cartoons online, Watch anime online, English dub anime. Another show we watch is AAhhh Real monsters. Mostly because it's hard to find those Halloween cartoon specials and nothing attracts kids the most than a good cartoon.

No saying Steve Erkle and his evil puppet doesn't give chills, or even a good Goosebumps. Anything is better than The Simpsons and their Haunted Tree House stories... Just a little to much fear to idea a story.

What gives you shiver and fears?.. Well, besides us!

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

To Post or Not To Post

Watch this before you read
As a writer it's good to hear from readers, even if  you're reading blogs. But it's hard to know what a person thinks if they never comment. Am I just wasting my time? Or is Shiver and Fears posts actually likable. Tell me what you think. Is there something you'd like to know? maybe add? or are you just plain annoyed? Brave up and let me know your thoughts.

Friday, January 8, 2016

not good enough for some people

   As an author you have to be ok to get complaints from fans. Just earlier this month I received a message from the winner of the Christmas give-a-way. He said Shiver and Fears was no good because of it technique of writing. The middle alignment and lack of paragraph made it a terrible book to read.
   Truth is he ordered my very first creation The Unlucky Charm. It was then all I was focused on was marketing my first book. I always dreamed to become famous, but never realized writing had so many rules:
  1. use paragraphs
  2. use left alignment
  3. use proper grammar
  4. use good font
  5. correct pucuation
and so on and so on...
It was around the point of The Beast Within the Bed I gave it a shot. Sure it's not hard when giving it a chance, but why have rules on how to write? I mean I understand we can't go all willy nilly with writing and type like: 'did You see. my Dog. "He whent that way!' But do you know hiring a proof reader or an editor isn't easy? We authors get paid after selling a book no after we make it. Editors, even marketers get paid before their job is done! so not fair.
   I'm an author, but I'm no pro. When I work on an audio book I have to let my narrator know to fix the story before reading it. The point is to give me a chance, you know what they say... "You can't judge a book by it's writing."

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

becoming a character

So the new book The Mummy's House is about a boy who keeps getting injured and ends up in the hands of a mummy. Right now we use the name Flint, but you could be the real character. All you have to do is send in your photo with your name and nick name. If you seem like the kind of fearing character we need for the story, you will be picked. There's not much to say about this contest. It's really simple send everything by email> shiverandfears@gmail.com  and title it Shiver and Fears Entry. 
It's always good to have new entries for our contests. Our last character entry was David as we entered him in Sibling Subtraction in the THAT'S MY TWIN contest.... No, he didn't have a twin, but that's the point of the contest. My question is: Will you be next?

code 5

ENFPEMNZ3X9QP< Shiver and Fears audio book here

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Sunday, January 3, 2016

code 2

Our next code is WUFPN6ZMH6EUE. <Check out here and get your Shiver and Fears quick!

Saturday, January 2, 2016