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Friday, October 21, 2016

Halloween, it's such a bore!

So Shiver and Fears are looking around for any Halloween spirit, not really finding any. The neighborhood around here don't really have much to attract your attention. No Jack-a-lanterns lit over night. Costumes aren't even that cool. Everyone is dressing as the original witch, monster, recent cartoon characters.
So what am I blogging about today? 2016 is almost over and it's been completely tragic. With evil clowns, police are strolling on everyone, and death upon loved heroes. Make this Halloween a big one, tv used to make Halloween fun and exciting, but it seems now they focus more on the new stuff and not the holiday stuff.
So don't just keep Halloween to yourself, show it off to everyone. Because it's more than just a holiday with candy, it's more than a holiday for kids, it's a holiday for excitement, scares, and good times. Not just for kids, but for adults to, so don't let anyone tell you you're too old for this holiday, cause chances are an adult is who make it a holiday in the first place!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Haunted Love

Some of you may have heard and seen this story, Most of you have not. It's a real story, but yet still make believe, if you know what I mean.
Here is the story Haunted Love:

One gloomy night a couple had just gotten married....
But sadly, it didn't last long...

It didn't take the groom very long to fall in love again....

But what the groom didn't know was that you can't kill what's already dead!
The interesting things you'll find in a pharmacy store