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Friday, January 13, 2017

Update on Justice Clark (spoilers)

Shiver and Fears is working on another book this year.... like always. We're so excited that we want to give the scoop about the story. Warning this is a spoiler!
Justice Clark is our main character. He is visiting his grampa, but something doesn't feel right with him. I mean exactly when was he dropped off at his grampa's house. He doesn't really remember it happening. or when his grampa got a butler. Justice sees this whole visit as weird since his grampa doesn't even remember who Justice is.
 weird huh?
Well we are still working on it and we haven't got too far, but Justice is starting to feel as though there are some secrets to this whole visit. Gosh, can you believe it's only been 5 chapters and things are already getting strange.
It's my bad, I guess. I was a little too excited and with Justice not remembering things I didn't want it to be too obvious. But this secret is getting out of control. Justice has upset the butler and Justice doesn't really understand why, and did I forget to mention the rash? SPOILER ALERT!
Why does Justice have a rash? What's the big secret? Does Justice ever go home? Find out in Shiver and Fears new book: An Old Bite... and find out why it's called An Old Bite. The hint is, the story took another direction with the title.