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Monday, January 23, 2017

That Was My Idea! Contest

     In the story Sibling Subtraction three friends deal with annoying younger siblings Agatha has the worse luck she has twin siblings. One day Agatha and her friends come up with an idea, leave them alone over night at the park, nearby the cave that's said to be haunted. Now ever since then the annoying siblings aren't so annoying. More like scary! Agatha must figure out what's going on and how to get her brothers back before it's too late. Otherwise she'll be one less of a brother, and not just that, she'll be stuck with a fake! Question is where is her brother? No other than the cave that was rumored to be haunted, but actually is haunted!

Now that you know the summary of the story now it's time you do your part. Come up with an idea for the cover of this story. Make sure the picture idea includes something within the story, and it has to be scary. Shiver and Fears is a horror fiction book so if you want to involve the cave make sure there's details about the cave: red eyes peaking out, a ghost hand reaching out to grab you.

entries are due 18th of February so there's really no time to wait! Because on Febuary 20th we will announce the winner and post it for everyone to see.

How interesting that Sibling Subtraction was actually part of another one of our contests: That's My Twin. We will never forget how Dylan created his imaginary twin Cylan.... I know, it's not a real name, but we used it because it was our most creative entry.

We also want to let you know if you feel our summary isn't enough detail and you feel like you actually need to read this book, go ahead.
Good luck!