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Saturday, February 11, 2017

It's That Time of Year Again!

So we have started the annual fundraiser. I call it annual even though we've only done it for two years , but we've hosted a party for 3 years and planned something special for 5 years now. Anyway the point is we are hosting a fundraiser for the annual party this summer. This year we are doing something different. This year we are throwing water balloons that won't pop!, eating a whole pile of chicken wings, and this year we are having a bounce house, and let's not forget our cool shirts and prizes. Be sure to chip in at Our fundraiser site (click here) and donate, share, or just be our guest.
Oh, and how can I forget if you were a contest winner for any Shiver and Fears contest hosted. Bring your prize and get youself a free autographed book. You'll have a good time, but if you can't come that's ok just as long as you show your support. Fundraiser will last until July. Let's make our goal!