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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

You're invited

So coming real soon is the annual Shiver and Fears book signing party. If you've been catching up with us, you'd know it's called the Bookaversary party. We got mostly everything set. The water balloons, the shirts, the bounce house, most of the books (with 5 more left). But you might be asking how's the fundraiser going for the food, and the puzzle prizes, and the books, and the cake... well so far we need to raise $153. Now at this point, we need to be quick at buyng the remaining items. By later this June we need to be sending the invitations. We plan on sending these invitations by text, email, facebook, and by hand. Do you want one? Get yours at Evite, that's where we're sending our invites from.
 If you've been to the party then you know how everything will be set up. Prizes, games, and food. Now here's something you might not know: If you're coming to the party SHARE YOUR FUN! What do I mean by that? Well, while you're at the party take a picture and on the 20th of July post it on facebook and hashtag it Bookaversary or Shiver and fears ex: #shiverandfears #Bookaversary and chances are your post will be shared on Shiver and Fears page or Read It group. Because we want everyone to see you and how great it is to be a Shiver and Fears fan.
Now our last question, are you getting your autographed book for free? If you buy your own copy of Shiver and Fears books you can get it autographed free! I mean unless you are one of the first donators which by the way you have to be there to get your free copy! Want more? Ask questions at Shiver and Fears on facebook